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Using a mouse on a computer makes perfect sense. I think that everyone is accustomed to them. They will stick around for a long time. The question we should be asking is, are we using the mouse as effectively as we could? I’ve gathered 5 mouse tips and tricks to get the most out of our computer experience.

Ctrl and shift click

Have you ever needed to highlight a number of different items? Sure you click and drag most of the time, but some programs or websites don’t allow the clock and drag to work. Or maybe you let go before you got it all.

Try holding down the shift or Ctrl button when you click. With the shift button you can click on the first item you want to select, then holding the shift button you can click the last item to select everything between the two spots. If you want everything you could hit Ctrl+A to select it all.

Maybe you don’t want to select it all. This is were the Ctrl button enters. When you hold Ctrl and click on stuff you will add or remove it from your current selection.

So if you want everything except the one in the middle, use the shift to get it all then Ctrl to reunite the one item.

Ctrl wheel in browser

We are constantly online. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there is a day that passes where I don’t get on the internet.

Sometimes the don’t can be smaller than I’d like, or I want to see a picture better. You can zoom in on a webpage. If you hold the Ctrl button down while you scroll the wheel on the mouse it’ll change your zoom.

The number of different kinds of mice. some of them are even designed for gaming and have lots of extra buttons on them.

There are a lot of newer mice that aren’t gaming mice that still have some buttons on the left side. These buttons can be programmed to do whatever you want.

By default they’re going to be used to go forward and backwards in a web browser. This is a very convenient way to browse the web.

If you choose to get a gaming mouse then there could be there could be upto nine buttons on the side of the mouse.

Wheel button

In addition to the buttons on the side, the wheel can be used as a button. There’s a lot of people who don’t realize that it’s there.

This means that not only can you roll the wheel back and forth but you can push it. This button can be customized as well, but by default it is used to scroll faster.

Some wheels actually have 3 buttons. Besides just pushing them down you can also push the wheel to either side.

By default these buttons go forward and backwards in a web browser, but like all of the other buttons, these can be programmed to do anything you want.

Right click menu

Another thing that you can do with a mouse, is open a menu with a right click.

This menu will changed based on where our what you right click on. If you right click on the time you can actually get to a menu that allows you to edit your computers time and open the task manager. It’ll also let you minimize all of your windows all at once by selecting show desktop.

Another spot where you can right-click is on the bottom left corner where the start icon used to be. It’s now the Windows icon, but if you grew up with Windows 95 and XP then it’ll always be the start menu. When you right click here you can change a ton of different settings and features on the computer.

You can’t control what the right click shows, but using it will make doing common tasks easier and it will enhance your user experience on the computer.

Mac mouse

Most of these tips deal mostly with Windows, but the mouse on the Mac has some benefits as well. 

By default the Mac mouse only has one button setup to do anything. But it actually has four buttons. There is a left, right and center click.

The forth button is a little harder to notice. Your squeeze the sides of the mouse in.

To see these buttons up, go to system preferences. You should see an option in there for the mouse settings. There are drop down menu to set it all up.


What ever mouse you have our decide to get in the future, there are a lot of things you can do with them.

One thing you should know is that not all nice are created equally. Besides the obvious differences in size and wires, there is a big difference in quality.

I’ve used a ton of mice. Mostly because I have little kids and my mice disappear until I but a new one. As you can imagine I try and keep my mice on the cheap side.

One of the best mice I have ever used is the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000. The wheel has three buttons, but it only has one thumb button.

Normally, when you use the wheel you can feel a click, but this mouse is completely smooth. Sometimes you need to find joy in the simple things.

If you think I missed something awesome or unique then let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I did not know that I can zoom on a webpage with a scroll wheel. I started reading a lot and this will come in handy in future.

  2. I love a mouse that has a wheel button. I find it very nice when the mouse is wireless. It is a personal preference, but it makes surfing the web and computer tasks so much easier.
    Microsoft wireless 4000 sounds like a great mouse!

    1. The wheel button is great. I’ve come to rely on the thumb buttons so much that I still try and press them when I am using a mouse without them.

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