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I’m sure we’ve all seen those memes that compare Internet Explorer to Firefox and Google Chrome. Maybe you’ve seen all the other ads that are out there to get people to use Google Chrome. They must be working because Google Chrome by far has more people using it than any other web browser. They have more than twice the number of users than their next highest competitor.

Because so many of us are using Google Chrome, it would be nice if we all knew a bit more about the secret features and hidden in the browser. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites. Hopefully these will be able to help make your Google Chrome experience a bit more enjoyable or more efficient. Whether you are you trying to save some time or kill some time these features will be there for you.

Chrome Tasks Manager

Google Chrome actually has its own task manager. Just like your computer as a task manager Chrome has one just for its tabs. You can see how much of the processor, RAM, and network each tab and extension are using.

If you are doing something that has multiple tabs open you can see what tabs are really killing the resources of your computer or what ones that may have frozen. If you find something that you don’t like, you can end those processes right there as well.

To open the Chrome task manager press shift+esc. It’ll open it in a separate window.

T-Rex Game

I’m sure that we’ve all gotten that of 404 error message for website not found or the no internet connection message with the little picture of the T-Rex on the top of the screen. Well that little T-Rex dude is secretly a game. All you have to do is hit the space bar and make him jump and then it’ll start an endless running game which is kind of cool.

If you turn your internet off you can try to go to any site to get there or you can type chrome://dino/ into your address bar.

Incognito Mode

I’m really surprised at the number of people that are unaware that incognito mode exists. Incognito mode doesn’t track what you do or keep a record of your browsing history. But it doesn’t do anything to stop the person standing behind you from seeing what you are doing. It also doesn’t stop your ISP from tracking your web pages.

To go into incognito mode, click the three dots in the top right corner of chrome. There is an option for a new incognito window right there. If you are on a mobile device, you can long tap the chrome icon. A pop up menu will appear and you can select incognito.

Search Websites in Address Bar

This is my personal favorite. You can search any website right from the address bar at the top. You’ll need to add the site as a search engine first.

Go to chrome settings then to search engines. There is a spot that says manage search engines. After you click on this, it’ll list all the search engines that you have set up.

Next to other search engines there is a button that says add. Enter in the website. You’ll want to include the https://. For the keyword you’ll type in whatever you want to. The website with percent signs you’ll just put in the same website as before. It’ll add the search spot for you.

Now you can type your keyword and hit tab. Chrome will then search your website.

Re-open Recently Closed Tabs

I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one that has closed a tab and then instantly realized that I didn’t actually want to close it. This isn’t the end of the world. You can actually reopen it.

Simply right click on the new tab button. There will be a spot that says reopen closed teams. It’s super simple and it can be a life saver.

Pin Tabs

Do you have that favorite site you always visit? Maybe it’s a certain tech website (wink, wink, hint, hint, nudge, nudge), or maybe you want to keep your video game cheat website open.

You can keep a browser tab open. You might be thinking that’s what I have a bookmark for. This is different. It remembers the last web page you were on when you closed the browser. Simply right click on the tab then click on pin tab.

Search by Dragging Text to Address Bar

I’m pretty sure we all know how to copy and paste, but in Chrome you don’t even need to do that. Just double click a word to highlight it then click and drag. It’ll do the copy and paste for you.

The only problem I’ve seen with using this to search is it inserts the word exactly where you drag it to. So if you drag it to the address bar and still have stuff there, it’ll put your word in the middle of the website address you dropped it into.

Drag Book Mark to Bar and Desktop

I’m pretty sure that everyone relies on bookmarks for pretty much everything. It’s the only way we can keep track of them all.

With Chrome’s super easy to add something to your bookmark bar. Just highlight the address and drag it to the bar. Accidentally add your bookmark to the wrong spot or folder? No problem. Click the bookmark and drag it to where you want it.

Want that bookmark in your desktop so it’s super easy to find? You can do that too. Just drag it and drop it on the desktop. It’ll create an icon for you.

Move Multiple Tabs at Once

If you’re like me, then you pretty much have a billion tabs open all the time. Sometimes it’s nice to see two different tabs at the same time.

You can click and drag a tab to move it. If you need to move more than one, hold the tab button and click on all the trans you want to move. Then you can drag a bunch at once.

In the End

There are loads of different features hidden in Google Chrome. Developers are always adding and taking them away. This isn’t even all of them. Not by a long shot. If I missed your favorite feature, let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for these great tips! I was curious about how you interpret the Task Manager? I am still new to the computer world.What is the CPU mean and memory footprint?

    1. Those are great questions. We are all new to the computer world at some point. The memory foot print is the RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is used by the computer to store your open applications that aren’t being displayed. Windows will lump everything Google Chrome is using all together. Google Chrome breaks it down. Something that has a couple of pictures and text will take less memory than something with a video on it.

      Chrome reports memory in KB. When you have 1024 KB it becomes a MG. A 1024 MB will become a GB. Typically, computers have between 2 and 16 GB of RAM. your computer will also allocate hard drive space to be used as virtual memory.

      The CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. The two main suppliers are Intel and AMD. If you have an Intel I5 (some other numbers here) that is your CPU. The number reported is a percentage.

  2. This is an excellent article. I use the chrome task manager a lot because of me doing 100 things at once on my computer. That has been such a blessing for me. I wish sometimes safari would be as inventive as chrome, but apple is always slow with things. The other thing that you mentioned about moving tabs has been a blessing as well. I love being organized and that is such a great way to do it digitally. Thanks again.

    1. I wouldn’t say Apple isn’t inventive. They have great ideas, but you have to accept only the ideas they present you with. I find that both Google and Microsoft have left the doors open for new ideas. About a week ago my screens start freaking out on me and I didn’t know what was doing it. Turned out to be the dozen or so tabs I had open combined with a remote connection into another computer. Apparently I was pulling too much memory and crashing everything. The Chrome task manager helped figure out I couldn’t have certain websites open while I was doing my remote connection. Just because someone at Apple doesn’t see how this would be useful doesn’t mean it’s not useful for someone else.

      Thanks for your comment. Have a great day.

  3. I did not know about the T Rex game or reopening closed tabs, that’s great. I do use many of the features you shared, like Incognito, pinning tabs, etc. There is a lot of cool functionality built into Google Chrome. I am a Chrome-only user. I have tried other browsers, but it seems like everything I do comes back to Chrome. Thanks for the tips, I appreciate it.

    1. I predominantly use Chrome as well. The other things really only exist to help troubleshoot issues. This isn’t even everything chrome has hidden check out chrome://chrome-urls/. This links all of the Chrome addresses.

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